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Whether you’re getting a house in The Newcoast Village or a condominium unit in Oceanway Residences, you are in for a treat. While most residential developments in the country offer amenities that mimic the vacation experience you’ve been longing for, you’ll get the real thing here in Boracay New Coast. Your stay here is filled with the chance to us numerous amenities that are made to serve your leisure, relaxation, and fitness needs. With the help of these amenities, you can just let go of all your worries and have the time of your lives you’ll never forget in Boracay.

For starters, you’ll have access to a beach resort from your home in Boracay New Coast. Both of the residential and condominium developments here are facing the beach directly, giving you the chance to swim in Boracay’s pristine water anytime you want. You’ll also get to use numerous leisure establishments and recreational facilities found in this place to make your vacation more exciting. And if that’s not enough, there’s also a lighthouse that adorns this area to provide illumination for ships during night time. This lighthouse also serves as a beautiful addition to Boracay New Coast’s landscape, especially when the sun rises. This specific moment during the day affords you with a view you won’t get in the big city or anywhere else in the country.

Keeping your body in shape is a tremendous task to undertake. Thankfully, you can accomplish this feat with the aid of a fitness gym inside the premises of Boracay New Coast. This amenity contains all kinds of exercise machines and equipment to help you lose those excess pounds in an effective manner. As a result, you can strut your accomplishment whenever you go out for a swim.

Over at The Boutique Hotel District and The Boracay Savoy Hotel, you’ll find amenities and features that are geared towards tourist and foreign nationals visiting the country. All of these amenities afford these people with an experience filled with luxury and comfort all throughout their stay. From the gracious staff, to the dependable security team, anyone staying at these hotels will feel like a celebrity in Boracay.

For those who’d like a chance to improve their swing or putting skills, there’s golf course that’s available for residents of Boracay New Coast. This facility is equipped with an experienced staff and a landscaped area that’s conducive for a great game of golf between you, your family, or friends. There is ample space for golf lovers out and tournaments can he held here as well. But if playing golf isn’t your cup of tea, you can partake in several leisure activities in Boracay. You can easily go on a tour of the island or ride in a hot air balloon to get a spectacular view. Plus, there’s also a bar, grill, and lounge for people who just want to relax in the company of their friends.

Here in Boracay New Coast, running out of reasons to have fun isn’t possible. You’ll have all of these amenities available for your use any time of day. You’ll be guaranteed with a lifestyle that’s far from what you have right now.

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